What will a little Walkabout get you?

Bunbury Grammar has organized a voluntary walk/run before school on two days a week for a term. Anyone can participate.The school is arranged into 4 “‘houses” like in Harry Potter. Riley and Will are in the blue Knight’s house.

The informal path starts at the office and goes across the grassy playground/ excess parking,


up the hill by the pre primary classrooms and the pig melon patch around by the basketball court over by the assembly hall and back down the hill to get you card check off as one round.
You can walk or run as many rounds as you want in the half hour. The goal is to do 100 rounds during the term which is 40 MILES! Those children who meet this criteria will get a free day long trip to Meelup Beach!!!
How’s that for an incentive!
Here’s Riley coming in on another lap.

Of course, Will can participate as well. However, since he is only in pre-primary. He does not have to meet the 100 lap mark. All he has to do is to participate (and check out the girls)… with one caveat.

Mom must run, too!!!

Here’s Carol in the blue on the outside taking on the other 2 Moms!

Reward for voluntary walk/run of 40 miles is a day at Meelup Beach, Western Australia!



Bunbury Lighthouse, Western Australia

Get your globes out! Half way around the world from New York is Perth, Australia. About 100 miles south of there is a port town called Bunbury.

Bunbury Lighthouse

This lighthouse is just south of Carol's house, which is only 3 houses away from the beach! I was curious about the beacon in the lighthouse, so when I was at the visitor's bureau, I asked what the flash sequence was for the light. I was a bit surprised when they didn't know and said that no one had ever asked that question before. For sailors and ship captains it is an important navigational tool, maybe a bit old fashioned nowadays with GPS and satellite navigation systems, but I still like to know the navigational light sequences, which distinguishes each light house and indicates the landfall destination.

Well the lady at the information center was most helpful and tenacious. First she called the Maritime information center and found that although she could get the light sequences for the 2 lighthouses south of here, the Bunbury light was maintained by the Port of Bunbury. So we called the Port of Bunbury, but they said that they would have to ask the harbour master, who wasn't in that day! So then the lady said that maybe her brother who was in the shipping industry might know and she called him on her mobile, but like brothers he didn't answer her mobile call at work. Being a tenacious investigator, however, she called his wife who knew, The beacon for the Bunbury light flashes once every 3 seconds!



Qantas and iPads

Getting on the plane in Brisbane (after 24 hours of flying and sleeping) I was disappointed that we didn't have individuals monitors for movies or indeed any TV screens. I had another 6 hours to fly!!! But wait, what's this in the seat pocket?

OMG! Somebody's left their iPad!!! We haven't left yet, maybe the stewardess can turn it in to lost and found. So I pull it out.


Funny. It says Qantas on the cover. Then I notice that the seat back in front of me says “iPad use only max 1kg” What's this all about?




I look across the aisle and everyone has mounted their iPads on the back of the seats and are loading movies or tv shows or kids stuff. There is even a streaming section. Imagine everyone on this Boeing 767 has their own iPad courteous of Qantas!!!


Just for the record I watched Michael Palin's travel video of Brazil and a wonderful chick flick called Goddess. When stay at home mom with twins and hubby away at sea is going crazy with 2 year olds, she seeks to respite in singing silly songs which she calls “sink songs” as in kitchen sink to her web cam. When the web site takes off … well you'll just have to see the rest. Is it to be fame or family?

Now I am blogging off line on the plane having taken pictures with my iPad. When I get to a wifi destination, I'll upload this post. Being able to write and take pictures in the moment and be truly mobile, will make this travelogue much easier.



Oz Adventures

The adventure begins with a 36 hour trip from Tampa, Florida to Perth, Western Australia! If you want to get a sense of distance, get out a globe and put your finger on New York City and then turn the globe half way around the world to find Perth, Australia!!! I actually flew from Tampa to Dallas, Texas and from there all the way to Brisbane, Australia, where I changed to a domestic flight to Perth. From Brisbane to Perth is roughly the same distance as flying from New York to Los Angeles! Yes, Australia is as big as the USA.